Raised in an environment lacking in moderation and inhibition, the eccentric Princess Salome is fascinated by the otherness of the ethical and ascetic Prophet Jochanaan, whom her mother Herodias and her lecherous stepfather Herod keep imprisoned. When Jochanaan brusquely rejects Salome’s lustful approaches, she becomes downright obsessed with him and uses her stepfather’s lustfulness to enforce her will.

Since Herod promises to fulfil her every wish for the erotic »Dance of The Seven Veils«, she demands Jochanaan’s head on a silver platter. In a frenzied delusion, she kisses his lifeless lips, fulfilling her sensual desire – until Herod gives the order to kill Salome.
Richard Strauss had his first overwhelming success as an operatic composer with his adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s scandalous and shocking Décadence drama in 1905: it moves between a delicate psychogram and the depiction of intoxicating, unbridled wantonness. In exhilaratingly ecstatic musical visions, Strauss pours the charged emotions and deep psychological traumas of his eccentric female lead into a shimmering, occasionally also brusque score. In doing so, he captures not only Salome’s mental decline and seductive powers with the sweeping sounds of the orchestra, but also her emotional coldness and Jochanaan’s impassioned accusations in a thrilling and disturbing way.


Jun 30 2023


19 h 30 min
BERLIN, Staatsoper Unten des Linden


BERLIN, Staatsoper Unten des Linden
BERLIN, Allemagne